beyond self

the atoms of my flesh constellate like planetary systems, electrons swerve around a nucleus like planets around a sun. There is an earth in every molecule of my flesh. My body is a universe, how many souls dwell within me? How many lives live with me, unaware of the whole, the one body? Do they suffer within me? Are new lives born within me? There is a sun in my fingertip. Light years away, there is another sun in my eye. Light years away, there is another sun at the tip of my root. Do they know that they all live in one body? Or do they all live in a belief of isolation and separation? This body, this universe that is i exists in yet a wider universe. Do i too dwell on/in an electron? Am i too one soul living in the fingertip, the eyes, the root of another living body? All suffering, hate, all compassion and virtue, is it really the inner conflicts that Self that we are a part, that Self in whom we inhabit, in the same way we battle within ourselves in right and wrong, love and hate? My self is inhabited by many other selves. These selves have, all, written within them, the essence of my self. Also then, do i have written within myself, the essence of that Self in whom i inhabit? And, even further, the essence of that other Self/universe that that Self possibly inhabits? What then limits my understanding of my self? Even the possibility, meditated upon, clears the mind of unnecessary clutters, of limitations of potential, of limitations of conventions, of illusions. There is more to myself than has yet been perceived by religious authority, scientific authority, philosophical authority, or even by my own Imagination. how then can i perceive beyond my self? perhaps, the answer is in silence, the relinquishing of all previous notions of truth. And beginning a new meditation whose essence is silence.


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