Requested Story #2 – Just One Ride In A Donkey Cart

superb narrative from a richly talented writer!


I can honestly say this story took more than I thought it would, in many ways. I won’t say anything other than: Please read on…


Good stuff (wo)meng! Here’s a challenge for you; Come up with a piece that starts off with someone (male or female, doesn’t matter) tied to a chair and having no memory of how they got there. As their grogginess clears, a vaguely familiar man/ woman standing by with a pair of pliers asks them if they are ready. Additionally, somewhere in the story the person bound to the chair must ride a donkey cart. This action must be somehow pivotal to the plot.


~Just One Ride In A Donkey Cart~


Awareness is sudden. Strictly sensory. Like being born.

Consciousness seeps in more slowly, nudging the knowledge of self as separate from everything. Pain accelerates the process. Then I am me, fully sentient…

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