study in design

 study mixed media on board 8" x 6"

mixed media on board
8″ x 6″


7 responses to “study in design

  • Mary

    Awesome – I’m love with this special painting.

  • crazyruthie

    wonderful! what mediums did you use? some of it sort of looks like it’s made with gold leaf, but it’s probably metallic paint.

    it glows from inside. it’s like a tree of life. brown can be hard to work with well, but this worked out very well! 🙂

    • namesi

      thanks much crazyruthie! i used acrylic paint, including gold metallic paint, oil pastels, chalk pastels and ink. why, in your experience, are browns challenging to work with?

      • crazyruthie

        I like dark browns, like van dyke brown or burnt umber, but all the others look like baby poop to me. Lol! Even the dark ones make lots of muddy messes when you add just about any color. I like golden browns, though. 🙂

      • namesi

        i generally start with burnt umber and i find that this particular colour takes certain other colours well: violet, for example, darkens it while enriching it. burnt sienna works beautifully alongside it. burnt umber, burnt sienna (because they both have red in them) take to cadmium yellow and orange very well to lift them. i never tried van dyke but u cd always tell or work out what colours are more dominant in the brown and then use colours that u know can enrich that dominant colour. u didn’t ask all this but i thought i’d share it. hope it makes sense!

      • crazyruthie

        Oh it’s great to hear you talk about colors! I am familiar with the color wheel and buy lots unusual colors of paint. It would be really cool know the technical info. I appreciate that you told me that!

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