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a movement toward simplicity .

you will find finished art work as well as works in progress. this blog is a perpetual work in progress, so please feel free to visit us again to see what’s new.

contact: sunandrain314@yahoo.com


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  • lillian

    Quickly, thanks much for Liking my recent post “Loss”. It’s rather a dark poem for me…..if you look at my About, you’ll find I’m probably much much older than you….have come to blogging in just the last month and to writing poetry only two months ago — in the rejuvenatement of my life (not retirement). Hope you’ll stop by again, peruse and maybe even follow.
    That said, the most important to say is this — I’m glad you read my post so I could discover you. Oh my, where to begin. Clearly there is an artistic passion here! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I feel, get drawn in, and feel touched by the following works of art you’ve posted: All I Have Are My Dreams — in this one, the colors, the shapes, and I love the bird — the symbol of flying with our dreams?. Just beautiful! The one I MOST love is “Within My Garden” — but it says “work in progress”?? No! Stop! It is complete – tells so much in pen on paper — living, breathing, a face and spirit I want to know — as a viewer, I’m glad I’m left with a bit of mystery in this one — not a single stroke more, please! I also loved The Struggle of Hope: the curved back….and I especially liked the whites/creams that she is within, surrounded by the darker browns, ashes etc….like she is pushing her hope outward, getting out, escaping the clouds of darkness that could envelop her. Wonderful! Trodding Through is also very good for me — the side portrait in blacks and grey with the deeper subtle colored head piece. In your sketches and drawings I especially liked the Fervent Focu and Rusta Enlightenment. I’m sure you must know the talent you have. Have your shown your artwork in any juried shows? As others have commented, the colors you achieve are remarkable. Sorry my reply is so long….just felt such a connection for your work!

    • namesi

      ‘loss’ is a strong poem in my opinion. i’ve been thinking a lot about age and getting older and about childhood and adolescence, about accomplishment and relationships and what really holds the most meaning in life. i guess it is not a complete coincidence that I came across yo poem and that you would write to me at this time. you are not that far off in thought. your photograph and poem ‘come walk this lane’ is moving, producing both a smile and a tear.
      i am really very happy that you felt such a connection and i very much appreciate yo feedback on the work.
      funny enough i was dissatisfied with ‘all i have are my dreams’. it was done at a time of desperation. i left it as a study alone. you mentioned the bird which has become an important symbol in my paintings and drawings. the first time i did it was for an abstract painting. it wasn’t intentional. i was lost in thought and my hands were just moving. it has happened several times; this bird keeps reappearing and i’ve been relating it to my dreams. literal dreams of flying that i had many times when I was younger and figurative dreams, aspirations, of living life in a meaningful way, beyond personal and environmental restraints.
      in this country, there aren’t juried shows really. there are a few regional journals that one can submit work for some exposure and a few very exclusive galleries. for the most part, one has to hustle.
      i am not that young anymore and yet, as an artist, and as regards to my dreams, i am still very much a fledgling. perhaps this is why I’ve been gravitating of late towards van gogh’s letters. his struggles are not that dissimilar to my own. to think that a hundred years ago another artist was thinking and feeling sometimes the exact same thoughts and feelings is, in a strange way, encouraging and also very discouraging. feedback such as yours makes one feel that the work, if it never reaches anywhere else, was at least of value to some. and i thank you for it.

  • Mary

    You’re very talented – I really enjoy going through your portfolio.

  • Ayeh

    Hi ! thanks for stopping by! I’m so glad I found your blog! as an art student I find it very inspiring! nice to meet you!
    I invite you to see more of my art-student-journal: https://ayeh1.wordpress.com/
    I wish you luck in your artistic way… keep do what you do!! it’s great!
    Best wishes,

  • markmestreillustrations

    Thank you for your nice comments. Your work is very nice aswell, powerful colors! keep it up! Mark

  • Ray Laskowitz

    Thank you for stopping by Storyteller. — Ray

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